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Sometimes we just don't know who to contact for what.
Here is a good list of contacts you might find helpful.
General Contact Information:

City of Indianapolis:                       www.indy.gov

Mayors Action Center:                  http://www.indygove/requestindy 
                                                      Phone: 317-327-4622
                                               *** THIS IS PROBABLY THE MOST IMPORTANT NUMBER YOU NEED!

Pike Township Schools:                   www.pike.k12.in.us
Otto's for mailbox replacement:        http://ostreetscape.com/
Community Exteriors: Roofing, sidinsiding, construction, and repair.
Trent Management:                         www.trentmgmt.com
                                                     Property Manager: Steven Follis
                                                     Phone: (317) 292-8582
                                                     Email: sfollis@trentmgmt.com
                                                     Mailing Address:
                                                     P.O. Box 781381
                                                     Indianapolis, IN 46278-8381
Trash & Recycle:                             Republic Services
                                                   Independent Vendor - T's Hauling (for large waste items)
(We do not endorse these companies, just provide contact info for local vendors):
Wild Animal Issues? (Geese, coyotes, coy dogs, etc.):
Department of Natural Resources       http://www.in.gov/dnr/fishwild/5762.htm
ReTails (assistance w/ feral cats)       www.retailsindy.org
Want to advertise your business? YOU CAN! Simply send your info to Regina@crookedcreekvillages.com.